Check out Midwest Cornhole's stick and slick bag selections. We have two filling types and we have several combos of colors, styles and fabrics/surfaces. Click the pictures to see more info about each bag type. If you have any questions, please contact us at

SLICK 'N' STICK Cornhole Bags
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Stick and Slick Camouflage Bags
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Just like the name says, one side sticks and one side slides (Slick). These double sided Stick ‘n’ Slick™ bags are our trademarked cornhole bags. We were one of the 1st companies in the game to offer this type of competitive game bags, and do so at a reasonable price to the customer. These cornhole bags are for more of the serious or “professional” type of cornhole player. Throw the bag with the duck cloth side down(slide side) and slide your bag up the board to its desired target. Throw the bag with the microfiber side down (stick side) and block up the hole, or keep the bag down low on the board to avoid knocking an opponents bag in the hole.

These bags can come either filled with whole feed corn (for those that believe “the dust is a must”), or the more desired option is filled with the plastic resins. These bags will certainly add a whole new level of play to your cornhole or baggo game. What are you waiting for?