Cornhole Boards by Midwest Cornhole

Here at Midwest Cornhole our cornhole boards are designed and built with players in mind. Our boards come in raw wood form and are sanded and ready for you to do your own custom finish. These raw wood cornhole boards will come out of the ready to play, but we highly recommend some sort of finish for premium performance. 

The other option is our white painted cornhole set. This set is optimized for premium play out of the box. Nothing else is needed to get started. It also makes a great basecoat if you plan on doing some type of customizing to your cornhole boards.

We currently do not offer any type of custom cornhole boards, as there are usually copyright issues with reproducing most images, and we want to put all of our focus on the boards themselves. These are all wood 2 foot by 4 foot regulation boards per the American Cornhole Association (ACA). These boards have a plywood to inset into a routered and mitered frame with no nail or screw holes in the top deck giving you a very smooth playing surface. There are 2 crossbraces underneath to eliminate any chance of bounce, and the two legs fold in and out for easy storage. Together these cornhole boards weigh just under 45 pounds, so you wont hurt your back trying to move these things around. 

Our cornhole boards can be ordered as a combo with a set of our corn filled cornhole bags, or you can order just the boards and upgrade the bags by ordering a set of resin filled cornhole bags, or our extremely popular doubled sided Stick and Slick Cornhole Bags. These come in either corn filled or resin filled. While you are at it, don't forget to check out some of the accessories we currently offer on our accessories page.